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The Miracle of the Myrrh
". . . a wonderful holiday gift to children and to the grown-ups who read them." -Andrew Attaway, Guideposts Books

Books and technology are competing for attention in our children's lives. And yet they need not be mutually exclusive. As we thought about this dialectic at Read&Click, we became convinced that we could marry the two media in a way that would foster the developing intellect and creative thought process in a child. And so Read& was born. We begin by putting the book in the child's hands, and then encourage the child to visit our Web site for further exploration on the topic of the book they have just read. Young readers are still navigating within our safe-surfing parameters while having more fun than ever playing our games - all related to the book they have just read.

We invite you to explore our librarians' section of our virtual library at Read& Here you will find current and backlist catalogs, synopses, news and reviews of all the titles that bear the Read&Click brand.