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". . . this novel is a real winner." -Booklist, starred review, October 2000

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Written by Josephine Nobisso
Illustrated by Joan Holub

Children's Book Review Service , 2/1/1999
"Josephine Nobisso has taken the old rhyme, Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar? and made it into a rollicking who, what, when, where, and how romp on the playground. The book will get children's feet tapping . . . children will enjoy the colorful illustrations that bring the text to life."

Children's Literature, 12/1/1998
"Get ready to throw up your arms and sing! Color, rhythm, and fun splash off the pages of this ‘cookie jar' story with a twist. Attention moms and elementary school teachers, this is a great book to use when teaching story details—who, what, when, why, and how. But be ready to jump and swing!"

Kirkus Reviews, 10/1/1998
"The recovery of the lost key to the playground gates leads to a spontaneous, exuberant outpouring of fun. Unlocking the playground, Maria and her friends immerse themselves in pure revelry, replete with swinging, double-dutch jumping, hula-hooping, and roller-skating. Adults as well are drawn to the festivities and soon a mother is spied skateboarding with abandon. The infectious rhythm of Nobisso's rhymes move the tale through the fundamental questions at the heart of storytelling—the who, what, why, when, where, and how of a story: ‘Why'd she flaunt the key from the cookie jar? To be fresh? To be shockin'? To be ha-ha-ha?'

"Holub's vibrant, color-laden illustrations complement the rousing tale. Each gaily-colored spread features a happy array of children laughing and interacting, united in play. The book successfully conveys the undiluted rapture of an afternoon well spent at the playground."