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Apples, Apples, Apples
Written by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace
Illustrated by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace

The Horn Book Guide, 4/1/2001
“A family of rabbits goes to the orchard to pick apples and learns a variety of facts about growing and using apples on their trip. A recipe for applesauce, directions for making apple prints, and a song about apples are all included . . . Crisp cut-paper illustrations distinguish this book from others on the same topic.”

School Library Journal, 9/1/2000
“This story about a family outing is packed full of useful facts. As Minna, her brother Pip, and their parents enjoy a day at Long Hill Orchard, readers learn a little bit about different varieties of apples and their characteristics and uses, as well as how the fruit is picked and grown. A brief mention of Johnny Appleseed, a recipe for applesauce (complete with suggestions to seek adult help), instructions for making apple prints, a list of related sayings, and a song are also included. Wallace presents information clearly while maintaining the narrative flow of the story. The cut-paper collage illustrations, which feature a cast of colorfully clad rabbits, are deceptively simple. . . . In addition to showing Minna and her family, the artwork supports the text with charts and diagrams that are both helpful and visually appealing.”

Publishers Weekly, 6/26/2000
"Cut-paper illustrations trace this educational tale of a bunny family's outing to an orchard and its aftermath. Wallace shoehorns in useful information on apple culture, from selected varieties and their uses to planting, grafting, and proper picking technique. Readers learn that the apple is actually a member of the rose family and discover the parts of an apple when the farmer cuts one in half. Later, when the bunny family of four return home, they are treated to applesauce (the recipe, with step-by-step illustrations, is included). Also included are instructions for making apple prints, a list of apple maxims, and an apple song. Wallace's artwork excels in the instructional sections, with clear labels of the proceedings, and a lively spread of the orchard."