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The Girl Who Lost Her Smile
“ An elegant, unusual story ” -Booklist, November 2000

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Written by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace
Illustrated by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace

Children's Book Review Service, 5/1/2000
"The mix-up of birthday party plans was probably inspired by the old game ‘Rumor.' As each guest is instructed what to bring, the message changes though the unexpected results prove to be satisfactory after all. . . . The charming, cut-paper illustrations have a three-dimensional quality."

Booklist, 5/1/2000
"The favorite old children's game ‘Telephone' is given a new spin in this delightful story about a surprise birthday party that doesn't quite turn out as originally planned. . . . The characters, all depicted as bunnies, are beautifully portrayed in glossy collages of various textured papers. The humor of the twisted telephone conversation is sure to please even slightly older readers, and the illustrations might inspire budding artists."

School Library Journal, 5/1/2000
"This bunny version of the old game ‘Telephone' centers on plans for a surprise birthday party. Sunny makes a list of party preparations, but as she calls her friends to spread the word, the messages keep getting mixed up. ‘Yummy-Plummy Tan Cake' becomes ‘Yummy-Tummy Pancakes,' ‘big blanket' turns into ‘big banquet,' and so on. . . . Engaging cut-paper illustrations printed on glossy paper draw the viewers' eyes with bright colors and distinct shapes. . . . Whether or not kids are familiar with ‘Telephone,' they'll recognize the humorous confusion that miscommunication can bring."