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“Good clean fun.” -School Library Journal, June 1999

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The Practically Perfect Pajamas
Written by Erik Brooks
Illustrated by Erik Brooks

Booklist, 5/1/2000
"Percy the polar bear has a problem with peer pressure. He loves his bright red, star-studded, footed flannel pajamas. Unfortunately, the pj's are only ‘practically perfect' because the other polar bears, attired only in their Arctic fur, tease and ostracize Percy for being different. . . . Eventually, Percy wins the friendship of the bears through an act of inspired generosity, providing a surprise twist and a satisfying resolution to a story that every child can identify with. This is a jolly tale with eye-popping illustrations. The polar bears' expressions and contortions are priceless."

School Library Journal, 5/1/2000
"Percy the polar bear loves his colorful, footed pajamas. They keep him warm, protect his snowy white fur, and help him sleep. There is only one problem—the other polar bears tease and make fun of him. . . . The fast-paced humorous text teaches an important lesson without being preachy, while the illustrations impart personality to the protagonists—Aurora and Percy—as well as to the supporting players. Brooks's use of bright primary colors for the clothing juxtaposed against the stark white of the Arctic snow will delight young listeners."

Publishers Weekly, 5/1/2000
"First-time picture-book author and artist Brooks pens an optimistic tale of a polar bear shunned by his peers for wearing pj's but who ultimately wins over his detractors. Devoted to his footed pajamas, Percy takes a lot of flak from his fellow bears for wearing them. They call him ‘fancy pants' and ask, ‘Why can't you be more like the rest of us?' So Percy puts his jammies away, but finds life without them miserable. . . . Percy comes up with a plan to distribute pajamas to everyone . . . [and] the picture of the ursine cast donning super-sized pajamas in a selection of wild prints (daisies, clown stripes, circus and outer space motifs) adds a fillip of fun."