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“Readers will devour this fresh, honest story of self-discovery.” -, What We're Reading, April 2000

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The Chair Where Bear Sits
Written by Lee Wardlaw
Illustrated by Russell Benfanti

School Library Journal, 2/1/2002
"This cumulative viewed happily by a baby who claps for more. Kids will enjoy the repetitive text, which uses the familiar structure of "This Is The House That Jack Built" to humorous effect. Benefanti's digital illustrations are filled with bold colors and unusal perspectives, and it will come as a surprise to no one that he has designed toys for Fisher Price and other companies. The book's unique design--smaller pages within each spread--adds to the visual appeal."

The Shy Librarian, 12/1/2001
"This is a colorful, exciting breakfast adventure featuring a baby, a bear and a series of mishaps... The eye-catching graphics are fabulous, and the use of different sized pages and heavy, shiny paper give this book a distinctly different look...wonderful for story hour use."

Booklist, 11/15/2001
"The text...begins with a highchair and ends with a baby bear delighted by the chaos that ensues when Mom bandages Dad, who tripped over the cat that was nipped by the dog that was awakened by splashing orange juice, and so on...this certainly has more visual zing than your average "House That Jack Built" soundalike."