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"How delicious!" -Kirkus Reviews, September 1, 2000

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When They Fight
Written by Kathryn White
Illustrated by Cliff Wright

The Children's Book Review Service, 7/1/2000
"Do you remember how you felt when your parents had a fight? A young badger feels sad and frightened and lonely. When everything is all right again, she feels like she can conquer the world. The simple text and beautiful illustrations will endear this book to children and adults."

School Library Journal, 6/1/2000
"When his parents fight, a young badger feels like ‘a ship in stormy seas' or ‘a kite, blown away in a breeze.' He leaves the house to wait it out, lonely and sad, unwilling to remain where beasts ‘roar and beat on the door.' When his parents make up, he feels once again in control, ‘strong as a lion,' ‘fast as a tiger,' and is safe in his parents' arms. . . . The story may, as psychologist Barbara Kezur suggests in her introduction, serve as a jumping-off point for discussion for those children who experience domestic unrest. The fact that the protagonists are badgers makes the situation easier for youngsters to face and talk about, and the happy ending . . . will offer some reassurance."

Booklist, 4/1/2000
"Here's the opposite of Sendak's classic Where the Wild Things Are. A small badger feels as if he's helpless in a storm when his parents fight . . . The dramatic pictures express the child's terror when his caregivers become mighty monsters and home no longer feels safe. . . . When the adults make up, the sun comes out. The scary giant shadows disappear, and the watercolor pictures spread across the pages in light and love . . . The animal characters distance the scary violence as the story and the bibliotherapy get close to the child's viewpoint. A good book for families to talk about together."