Theodore Roosevelt
Letters From a
Young Coal Miner.

The Last Dinosaur Egg
"Children will delight in this book." -Washoe County School District, Spring 1999

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The Alphabet Atlas
Written by Arthur Yorinks
Illustrated by Adrienne Yorinks
Letter Art by Jeanyee Wong

A Notable Social Studies Trade Book for Young People, National Council for the Social Studies-Children's Book Council Joint Committee , 1/1/2000
"This unique ‘atlas' surprises the user by presenting geographic facts visually on quilt squares. Each striking square focuses on one county."

PieceWork, 1/1/2000
"THE ALPHABET ATLAS is a wonderful journey around the world with text by Arthur Yorinks, illustrated with quilts by Adrienne Yorinks. Each quilt contains the colors, textures, motifs, and objects typical of one of the twenty-six countries presented. . . . Young readers can explore the shapes and habitats of each country while learning interesting facts about it."

Today's Librarian, 7/1/1999
"Countries from A to Z are listed in this charming, educational book that takes children on a trip around the world. A country beginning with each letter of the alphabet and a fact about the country appears on each letter's page (Q is for Qatar, in case you were wondering). Jeanyee Wong provides letter art and Adrienne Yorinks's wonderful illustrations are actually intricate quilts that tell even more about the country they accompany. . . . Kenya lies astride the equator, and many scientists think it is where the first human beings lived. Fascinating facts such as these pack the book, making it a wonderful addition to a children's reference collection for ages five to nine—though adults admittedly will have fun, too."