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"Open this engaging debut for the illustrator and there'll be ‘No Stopping.'" –Kirkus Reviews

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The Last Dinosaur Egg
Written by Andrew Hegeman
Illustrated by Andrew Hegeman

Denver Public Schools Book Review, 3/1/1999
"While chasing butterflies on an island, Jon and Jenny catch a baby dinosaur who had just hatched from an egg buried in a melting iceberg. They sneak him home and house him in a birdcage, but what to feed him? Broccoli! As the dinosaur grows, their problems do too. Children will enjoy the story and the childlike drawings."

Washoe County School District, 3/1/1999
"Kindergarten and first grade children will delight in this book. They love anything about dinosaurs; and just imagining a dinosaur egg will excite their imaginations. The fact that the baby dinosaur actually likes to eat that dreaded vegetable, broccoli, is the perfect detail. The colored illustrations fit the story perfectly."

Tucson School District, 10/1/1999
"[K]ids will love it. It is a story about dinosaurs, kids, and secrets. For years my tortoises would only eat iceberg lettuce and broccoli! Now I know why! Recommended."