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The Runaway Tortilla
"How delicious!" -Kirkus Reviews, September 1, 2000

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Written by Margery Cuyler
Illustrated by Steve Haskamp

Booklist, 12/1/2000
“Cuyler adapts the traditional Aesop fable of the race between the plodding tortoise and the speedy hare, telling her tale almost entirely in the words of the signs that appear throughout the course of the race. Some of these (“Pavement Ends,” “Falling Rock,” “Pass with Care,” etc.) are traditional road signs, but others are placards that trumpet the (often punning) sentiments of the respective racers' fans: “Hooray Tortoise,” “You're My Hare-o,” “Harey-up!” Things get particularly “harey” when the racers pass through a construction zone, but the tortoise, refusing to be harried, proves again that it pays to be persistent. Besides, as one sign asserts, “Tortoises Have Cute Knees.” Haskamp's brightly colored cartoon illustrations add visual panache to this clever tale.”

Children's Book Review Service, 11/1/2000
“Ready, set, go! Common road signs pave the way for Hare and Tortoise as they compete to see who can cross the finish line first. In front of a sign-carrying crowd of spectators, the two racers encounter slippery roads, construction work, floods, dips and hills. Cuyler's adventure provides parents and teachers with an innovative and easy way to help young readers learn the most common road signs.”

The Midwest Book Review, 12/1/2000
“Margery Cuyler adapts an Aesop fable in Roadsigns, which recounts a ‘harey' race with a tortoise and features Steve Haskamp's zany drawings. This is an unusual nearly-wordless picture book which uses road signs to depict the action.”