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". . . this novel is a real winner." -Booklist, starred review, October 2000

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Written by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace
Illustrated by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace

The Horn Book Guide, 11/1/2000
“À la the game Telephone, a surprise party goes awry as planning information gets passed from one bunny to another. Luckily for all―thanks to some rather obvious missteps―the sunrise surprise works out just as well as the evening picnic originally planned. . . .”

Library Talk, 11/1/2000
“Sunny plans a surprise party for her brother, Earl, and makes a list of necessities. When she calls her friend, Gloria, she asks her to tell everyone else what to bring and when to come. Each bunny phones the next friend on the list. As the message is relayed it becomes more and more jumbled—a surprise party for Earl at 6 P.M. becomes a surprise party at 6 A.M. with other changes as well. Wallace's cut-paper illustrations are bright and appealing. . . . Those who need additional communication titles will wish to consider this one.”

The Wednesday Magazine, Townsend Communications, 4/1/2000
"Children ages four to seven will get great delight in Nancy Elizabeth Wallace's picture book, Tell-A-Bunny. This is also a perfect book to help young children recognize changes and misunderstandings that take place in the story. . . . This would be a great book to read aloud to a young child, and then follow up the reading by helping the child find word meanings and the changes that take place, helping the child work on his or her listening skills. The illustrations for this delightful book are intricate collages of cut paper, and they are extra special because of the glossy, photographic technique that has been used to print them. The glossy, vivid colors are visually appealing, and the detailed images combined with the glossy texture will make children want to touch them and point out details as they listen."