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Patches Lost and Found
Written by Steven Kroll
Illustrated by Barry Gott

The Horn Book Guide, 10/15/2001
"When her guinea pig goes missing, Jenny draws imaginative pictures about what might have happened to him. Meanwhile, she is supposed to write a story for school but doesn't know where to start. Jenny's genuine feelings of anxiety about her lost pet and a difficult assignement ring true, and the digitally created cartoon illustrations are full of amusing details."

Kirkus Reviews, 1/15/2001
“In this edifying picture book, Kroll . . . reveals that there is more than one way to tell a story. Jenny loves to draw. So when her teacher gives a writing assignment, Jenny's first question is, ‘Could I draw a picture instead?' To Jenny's dismay her teacher clarifies that although pictures are fine, the words must come first. Worse still, when Jenny gets home she finds that her beloved guinea pig, Patches, is missing. . . . Jenny finds some comfort in drawing pictures of what she imagines might have happened to Patches. . . . Gott shows Jenny's realistic childlike drawings popping from the page in contrast to the digitally produced, cartoon-like graphics of the scenes and characters. This first-time book illustrator is a talent to watch.”