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An American Booksellers Association KIDS' PICK OF THE LISTS, Fall 2000.

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Aria of the Sea
Written by Dia Calhoun
Illustrated by Gennady Spirin

Kirkus Reviews, 9/1/2000
"A gifted teenager agonizes over career choices while learning to separate her desires from those of others in this leisurely ballet-school fantasy. . . . The author, a trained dancer, vividly evokes the school's high-strung atmosphere, as well as the joys and challenges of dance."

Publishers Weekly, 8/14/2000
"Calhoun sets her compelling novel in the fantasy maritime kingdom of Windward, where the 13-year-old heroine Cerinthe Gale, a commoner from the rustic Northern Reach, travels to the capital city of Faranor to audition for the School of the Royal Dancers. . . . The dynamics between the students prove particularly strong, especially as the spiritual beliefs of the mythic Sea Maid, a goddess of the Northern Reach, contrast with the physical exertion, sweat, and sacrifice of the dancers. . . . What readers will remember are the exceedingly well-drawn atmospheric setting and the winning heroine . . ."

The Book Report, 11/1/2000
“Cerinthe gets the opportunity of a lifetime: an audition at the School of the Royal Dancers in the kingdom of Windward. . . . She begins her training labeled a “protegee” but is forever tormented by Elliana, the first ranked student in the class. Cerinthe is also tormented by her own mind, unsure if dancing is the right choice for her. . . . Readers will also feel empowered by the lessons Cerinthe learns: determination, independence, soul-searching, loyalty, and spirituality. . . . Any young adult who dreams of dancing, princesses, and a smashing intellectual career will love this story.”