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"A good choice for readers who love plenty of action, a solid story." -School Library Journal, January 1999

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A Taste of Honey
Written by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace
Illustrated by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace

Booklist, 2/15/2001
“As Lily, a little bear, eats a honey sandwich, she asks Poppy, ‘Where does honey come from?' His answer, ‘Out of this jar,' doesn't quite satisfy her, so she asks, “But . . . before that?” Each answer, from Mike's Market to the delivery truck to the honey farm to the honey extractor to the honeycomb to the hive to the nectar, leads to another probing ‘Before that?' . . . Sometimes information—for example, an illustrated section on beekeepers' clothing—is added in smaller type, for children with greater interest or a longer attention span, but younger preschoolers will listen quite happily to the tale of the determined cub's investigation. With their clean lines and vibrant colors, Wallace's delightful cut-paper collages illustrate the story with a cheerfully childlike look. A picture book well designed to explain and to entertain.”

The Concord Museum's Festival of Trees, 2001, Concord, MA, 12/1/2001
"'Where does the honey come from?' the curious girl asks. With one simple question leading to another, Lily and Poppy retrace the path of a tasty spoonful of honey—back to the bees themselves!"

The Horn Book Guide, 10/15/2001
"A bear asks her father where honey comes from, insisting at each response, "Before that?" until he's trace it back to the bees who produced it. Wallace's uncluttered cut-paper collages of bee-keeping bears illustrate the story, while concise sidebars add further information."