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Young Coal Miner.

Tobias, the Quig and the Rumplenut Tree
“The playful text and fanciful art make this book appealing.” -School Library Journal, October 2000

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Written by Eric A. Kimmel
Illustrated by Steve Haskamp

Publishers Weekly, 8/27/2001
“In this offering, the title character asks his mother if everyone in the world has a pumpkin for a head, as he and all the other residents of Pumpkintown do. She replies…that ‘Nobody in Pumpkintown has ever gone anywhere else. Nobody from anywhere else has ever come to Pumpkintown. No one really knows whether or not other people have pumpkin heads. It's a mystery.' In an attempt to solve it, Pumpkinhead first checks the library…then follows the road out of town. When he stops to take a nap, he removes his head and faces it in the direction in which he was walking so that he'll know which way to go when he awakens. But a pair of mischievous squirrels see to it that he ends up back in Pumpkintown…and repeat the prank on the return trip. Pumpkinhead once again lands at home to report his discovery to his fellow townsfolk, who conclude, ‘There's no need for any of us to go anywhere again.' . . . Haskamp's (Roadsigns) quirky acrylic artwork offers some kid-pleasing silly images…”