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The Feet in the Gym
“Good clean fun.” -School Library Journal, June 1999

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The Chair Where Bear Sits
Written by Lee Wardlaw
Illustrated by Russell Benfanti

Santa Barbara News-Press, 10/14/2001
"It's a pleasure to revisit favorite tales, revised and updated to make sense to contemporary audiences. Lee Wardlaw has taken the form of "The House that Jack Built" (how do you explain either "maiden" or "crumpled horn" to toddlers?) and turned it into a domestic tale that makes illustrated read-along possible even for children under 2. In this version, the stuffed bear and baby sit in a high chair, where a tipped glass of juice dominoes into a family comedy involving a startled dog, a terrified cat, a father tripping and a mother to save the day. The baby gets to observe all this, delight and "clapping for more."...Russell Benfanti's computer-generated illustrations, a la "Toy Story," provide highly amusing and vivid versions of all the mishaps, often from a child's point of view. His use of color will delight the child in any of us."