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“An ingeniously crafted work . . . provides invaluable hours of storytime enjoyment.” ForeWord, June 1999

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Written by Joyce Sweeney

The Horn Book Guide, 10/15/2001
"Senior captain Corey Brennan knows that this is the year his basketball team has a shot to become all-city champs...when the competitive and mysterious newcomer, Noah, joins the team, Corey keep his team together. Adolescent teammate relationships are well depicted in this suspensful, action-filled novel."

Working Mother, Favorite Book for Tweens, 1/1/2001
"Who doesn't love a great sports story? In this basketball saga, the quest for all-city high school championship is being sabotaged from within, and our hero has to find the culprits . . . and then try to win the game."

Starred review Booklist, 10/1/2000
“Being captain of the basketball team turns out to be more demanding than senior Corey Brennan expected after a competitive new player named Noah joins the team, with his eye on becoming a first-string star. Determined to believe the best about everyone, Corey ignores clues that implicate Noah in mysterious mishaps that gradually rob the team of its best players. But when Corey's best friend is arrested for having a gun in his locker, Corey becomes both private detective and avenger, racing against time to restore his team so they can become All-City champs. Sweeney is in top form in this fast-paced, intriguing, often humorous novel. Entertaining subplots about Corey's family tie in nicely to the central story by the climax, and Sweeney's message about trust is never heavy-handed. Best of all, Sweeney does a great job of depicting male teenagers: though differing in background, social status, and intelligence, the major players on the team spring to life through authentic dialogue and realistic relationships. A great amalgam of suspense and sports, with plenty of on-court action, this novel is a real winner.”