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When They Fight
“A good book for families to talk about together.” -Booklist, April 2000

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Aria of the Sea
Written by Dia Calhoun
Illustrated by Gennady Spirin

The Horn Book Guide, 10/15/2001
"When commoner Cerinthe gains admittance to the School of the Royal Dancers, she thinks that her dream has come true. But a rivalry with another dancer causes tension, which is amplified by Cerinthe's deep-rooted fear of using her gift for healing. Cerinthe is a likeable character, and the setting is well defined in this fantasy novel about making choices and seeking one's destiny."

Bookselling This Week, Book Sense 76, 1/1/2001
“A beautifully written fantasy of a young girl's search for her true bliss. Should she follow her dead mother's dream and dance on the royal stage, or accept the gift of the goddess and become a healer…? A wonderful look at the conflicts young people face as they try to determine who they will become.”

School Library Journal, 9/1/2000
“Against great odds, 13-year-old Cerinthe Gale, a commoner from the outer regions of the kingdom, is chosen to study at the Royal School of Dance. . . . At the dance school, she meets Elliana, a wealthy and talented classmate who takes an immediate dislike to Cerinthe. As the rivalry between these two builds to its devastating climax, Cerinthe struggles to understand why she does not find fulfillment in dancing, and why she no longer hears the song of the Goddess Sea Maid. Ultimately, this is a story about recognizing and responding to one's calling. . . . A powerful message, which flows naturally out of the story without ever being didactic.”