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“[A] jolly tale with eye-popping illustrations.” Booklist, May 2000

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Tobias, the Quig and the Rumplenut Tree
Written by Tim Robinson
Illustrated by Tim Robinson

The Horn Book Guide, 11/1/2000
“Tobias, the gardener's son, devises a plan to free a caged quig, an exotic bird that longs to live in the nearby rumplenut tree, which depends on the bird to spread its nuts. The text and illustration styles owe a large debt to Dr. Seuss—the jaunty . . . verse employs inventive rhymes and a swift rhythm, and the watercolors bustle with color and movement.”

School Library Journal, 10/1/2000
"In this modern-day fable, Tobias, a gardener's son, must release the quig, an unusual bird prized for its plumage and that longs to be free, in order to save the rumplenut tree. The tree's nuts fall in the shade where they cannot sprout, and need the quig, whose natural home it is, to spread them for propagation. The tale is reminiscent of the true story of the interdependence of the dodo bird and the Calvaria tree, which depended on the bird to digest its fruit, spurring seeds to germinate. The playful rhymes have a Seuss-like quality in the best passages and beg to be read aloud. The bright, saturated colors in the illustrations have an appealing Seuss-like quality as well. . . . The playful text and the fanciful art make this book appealing, and the ecological message of the interdependence cannot be told too often."

Nevada Book Review Program, 3/1/2000
"This rhyming song-like story tells the tale of a boy, a bird who longs for freedom, and a tree.... A cute and clever rhyming story with full-color illustrations done by the author...clever rhyming...good ecology tie-ins."