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The Runaway Tortilla
"How delicious!" -Kirkus Reviews, September 1, 2000

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The Practically Perfect Pajamas
Written by Erik Brooks
Illustrated by Erik Brooks

The Children's Book Review Service, 3/1/2000
"Percy, a white bear, has what he considers to be a practically perfect pair of pajamas. . . . The problem is that the other bears make fun of his ‘fancy pants.' . . . Percy's outfit and expressive face are certain to delight readers."

The Horn Book Guide, 11/1/2000
“Tired of being teased by other polar bears because he always wears his favorite pajamas, Percy puts them away for good. Much to his dismay, however, the others continue their teasing—until finally Percy convinces them to try pajamas, too. Aggrieved bears with humorously human expressions and Day-Glo jammies star in the vibrant watercolor and colored pencil illustrations.”

Mary Burns, The BookWorks Bookstore, Marysville, Washington. A Book Sense Bestseller, Bookselling This Week, 6/26/2000
"A woooonderful children's book!! Percy loves his footed pajamas, but the other polar bears tease him for being different, so he decides to pack them away. Without his pj's to protect him, his cocoa spills on his white fur and the snow sticks to his feet . . . but a new friend comes up with a plan which you'll just have to see for yourself. The two-page spread of all those bears trying on pj's is absolutely the best!"